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Responsible Leadership

We are committed to using our scale for good: good for people, for our industry, and for the planet. From simplifying ingredients to being nutritionally mindful; from reducing our waste impact to advancing the industry on sustainable and humane sourcing; from being a good employer for millions to giving help to those most in need via RMHC.

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Collage of Diverse Employees


McDonald’s is one of the world’s most universal, democratic brands. We welcome customers of every culture, age and background, and we proudly invest in all the people our success rests on – our crew, our suppliers and our community.

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We are a restless company: always innovating, always moving forward. From our original business model to the invention of the drive thru and the Happy Meal, we're working to do things better tomorrow than we do today.

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Local Integration

McDonald’s has traveled far but we stay in sync with society in each of our countries, responding to local needs and integrating with local culture. Our restaurants are typically locally-owned, staffed by crew who live nearby, and who proudly give back to their community via hundreds of thousands of local programs.

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