mother and child enjoying a meal at mcdonalds

We’re Here 
to Feed and Foster Communities.

At McDonald’s, when we say, “billions served,” we’re not just talking about burgers. We’re talking about serving our communities, customers, crew, farmers, franchisees and suppliers. As we look to the future, we believe we can have an even greater impact by focusing on four areas that matter most.

Food Quality & Sourcing

Our Planet

Community Connection

Jobs, Inclusion & Empowerment

Your Community is Our Community

We know there’s a big difference between being in a community, and being part of one. That’s why we work every day to make a positive impact on the thousands of places we call home.

We Serve Here, and Here, and Here

Our Golden Arches can be found all over the world, but our franchises are small businesses owned by community members. This is how we scale our impact — person by person, city by city, one neighborhood at a time.



people fed daily


locations, and counting