Our Planet

From farm to front counter, we’re working to minimize the environmental impact of our business across the value chain. This includes reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to support a low-carbon economy and minimizing waste and water impacts.



A combine harvester

Addressing climate change

A warming climate will affect our customers, McDonald’s employees, the thousands of communities in which we operate and our supply chain, which we rely on for safe, quality ingredients and materials.

That’s why we’re committed to reducing emissions right along our value chain.

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A piggyback in the forest

Sustainable packaging and recycling

We’re reducing the amount of packaging we use, working with suppliers to source materials responsibly and designing more recyclable packaging. We’re also strengthening recycling activities in McDonald’s restaurants and supporting community initiatives to increase recycling access and reduce litter.

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A daughter and her father walking through a forest

Conserving forests

We are committed to protecting not only forests in the production regions from which we source but also areas of high conservation value and the communities that depend on them around the world.

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Coffee grounds recycling program

Eliminating waste

Beyond our efforts to tackle waste by reducing the amount of packaging we use and offering more restaurant recycling options for our customers, our commitment to minimizing waste extends back through our kitchens and across our supply chain.

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Water pouring from a tap

Protecting water resources

With agriculture accounting for 70% of the world’s water usage, we have a responsibility to conserve and protect the water resources in our supply chain and restaurant communities. We’re developing a holistic strategy spanning water conservation, quality and use.

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A man talking to a McDonald's delivery driver

Transporting our food

As well as ensuring thousands of products arrive at McDonald’s restaurants each day safely and in the best condition, our logistics providers are working to minimize the environmental footprint of our distribution activities.

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A McDonald's building

Smart restaurant design

We focus on smart restaurant and equipment design to deliver the most resource-efficient restaurants possible. This means minimizing our use of energy and water, and maximizing use of renewable energy wherever possible.

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